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Basketball Offensive Tactics

Backhand basketball skills when dribbling behind the back

2022-06-25 15:04Basketball Offensive Tactics
Summary: Basketball bad luck skillsWhen you dribble behind your back, you should control the ball well, avoid throwing the ball out, and don't be too fast. And we should grasp the landing point of the baske
Basketball bad luck skills
When you dribble behind your back, you should control the ball well, avoid throwing the ball out, and don't be too fast. And we should grasp the landing point of the basketball. When the back dribble is finished, we can find the basketball comfortably. When the defenders follow up the attack, you should instantly change the ball from the back to the left with your right hand. The dribble speed should be moderate and the ball should beHow can you practice back dribbling in basketball
Back dribble is a basketball term that refers to dribbling behind the body, using your own body as a protective barrier. The back dribble can prevent the opponent from stealing and take the opportunity to observe the movement on the court. Action decomposition skills: first, it is the use time of the technical action. In the gameHow to shoot basketball
In order to exercise the sense of the ball, it is necessary to alternate dribbles with both hands, change the speed, slowly look up without looking at the ball, and then, crotch, back and other difficult movements. When hitting the ball, five fingers touch the Backhand basketball skills  when dribbling behind the backball, and the palm cannot touch it. Use your fingers to feel the ball and sense the ball. Finally, you can close your eyes and use your senses to control the ballIs there any skill in basketball? Why can't I shoot well
The ability to dribble increases with the rise of basketball skills. Practice dribbling at the beginning to ensure that the ball is always under the control of five fingers and that the palm of your hand does not touch the ball. That is to say, after the basketball game, your palms are absolutely clean (because the shooting palms do not touch the ball, and they all rely on your fingers)Basketball passing skills 30 moves
In basketball matches, the general passing skills are mainly divided into four parts, namely, passing behind the back, passing under the crotch, passing through the breakthrough and passing throBackhand basketball skills  when dribbling behind the backugh the Buddha (also known as cross stepping)What are the skills of playing basketball
In the face of high pressure on the center of gravity and low food, the first step to analyze the situation is to keep in mind the smart judgment. Strong side attack pulls space, and weak side blocks and cuts corners. Hand in hand is often used to make piles, running around the pile and sticking to it. Catch the ball with both feet as far as possible, shake your shoulders with exploraBackhand basketball skills  when dribbling behind the backtory steps, and bend your knees before shooting. The key lies in your legs and waist. Break through the dribble but not the navelHow to play basketball
Playing basketball is a common saying. The term is dribbling. The methods to practice dribbling are as follows: 1. The body is round the world, which simply means that the legs are slightly bent, and the ball is circled clockwise and anticlockwise around the waist with the cooperation of the left and right hands in place. The faster the speed, the better. 2. Round the world with both legs, place the ball between yourBackhand basketball skills  when dribbling behind the back legs in a zigzag circle. The key to this action is to face forward, and at the same timeWhat are the 24 moves teaching of basketball skills
Here are five simple passing skills. I hope they can help you and make you the most dazzling player on the court. One hand virtual shaking breaks through the right hand to hold the ball quickly. When approaching the defender, quickly press the basketball down to the left, and take a step to the left with the left foot, and then quickly pull the basketball back to the right, at the same timeKey techniques of basketball small forward's back play and breakthrough
Landlord! Basketball is a physical fitness sport. He needs to have the following points: first, physical fitness, in which strength is the most important. Second technology! The third consciousness is the understanding of basketball! Physical fitness is the most basic requirement. Without him to support your skills, you can't play well... And reverse dribble... Are there any other basketball skills? (key points)
The first floor is bullshit. The most wrong way to dribble behind is to arch your stomach forward. That's called dribbling for back dribbling. And we dribble behind our backs to pass. Keep your weight down when you dribble behind your back. The hand that sends the ball to the back must be wide. That is, the range of shoulder joint torsion should be large. Take the right hand as an example
Backhand basketball skills when dribbling behind the back

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