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Basketball Offensive Tactics

Stop and protect the ball in basketball

2022-06-24 12:02Basketball Offensive Tactics
Summary: How to protect the basketball dribbleMore comprehensive use of crotch, turn, back and other dribble skills. The more diversified the dribble, the more dazzling the defender. As long as the opponent ca
How to protect the basketball dribble
More comprehensive use of crotch, turn, back and other dribble skills. The more diversified the dribble, the more dazzling the defender. As long as the opponent can't keep up with your rhythm, don't want to break the ball again. The basketball will be in your hands. Use your arms to protect the ball. When dribbling, you can block your arms in front of the basketball to prevent the other side from getting too close. ButBasketball Offensive Skills
It is stipulated in the basketball rules that after receiving the ball, you can only dribble once. Once you stop the ball, you can't dribble again. Otherwise, you will dribble twice. However, Kobe Bryant has a cut in move - throwing a stone to ask the way. Its process is dribbling - fake jump shot - dribbling, and its essence is changing handsHow to protect the basketball dribble? How to prevent being stolen when dribbling in front of the defender? How to change back
The foundation of basketball is skilled dribbling, so you should be very skilled in dribbling (never look at the ball with your eyes when dribbling). The first problem: protect the ball with your own body and try to clamp your body between the ball and the defender. When you don't dribble, try to block the whole ball with your arms (as far as possible). This is the second problem that the opponent will hit as soon as he pulls out the ball: dribblingBasketball breaking skills (steal)
If you are not quick at the first step, you must lower your waist, sideways, and at the same time, the non ball holder should stand up to protect the ball. If the front is strong, thereStop and protect the ball in basketball is no protective action, and the speed is not fast, the opposite hand will definitely hit the ball. Look at the direction of his turn. Most people will hold the ball with both hands on both sides. You can try hard from aboveWhen holding the ball, what is the correct way to protect the ball
When holding the ball, the correct way to protect it is to hold it in your arms and hold it firmlyHow to protect the basketball when dribbling in a basketball game so that it is not easy to be robbed
Because I play in front of the big team, I am also very upset with the latter team to steal, so I have learned something. When watching someone pull out the ball, press your body down as much as possible to lower the dribble point. When the defender reaches out his hand to break, if you are taller than him, the dribble hand should move back and lean against the defender with your shoulderHow can you protect the ball better when playing basketball? How can you break through the layup
I am a streetball player. In fact, the dribble - breakthrough - layup should keep the ball on the weak side of the opponent's letting go, and make rational use of my body. It's easy to stop talking about 3v3. It's mainly about 5v5 with cooperative defense. The breakthrough must be to shake the other party's center of gravity and try to make the other party on the side of his real problem. For example, break through the opponent from the rightBasic basketball skills
As for the small skills of practicing jumping, that is, how to jump higher and come faster, I think you should first practice "fixed-point" shooting for a few days and wait until you have a chance. Basketball ball control skills 1 Hold the ball with five fingers and tighten them inward. Catch the ball with the palm of your hand at the moment it falls. 2. twist the ball around the waistBasketball shooting skills and methods of training
Shooting posture is the key. First, the correct lifting posture is to lift the ball from the abdomen to the head in a straight line, rather than from the abdomen to the head in a parabola. Second, gestures. Feet slightly apart, right toe and right hand (shooter) and wrist in a straight line. Third, move, press your elbow and wrist
Stop and protect the ball in basketball

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