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Basketball defensive tactics

152cm basketball skills basketball skills

2022-06-25 21:51Basketball defensive tactics
Summary: Basketball skillsItem 1: at the beginning of half squat jump, half squat to? With both hands in front, jump up at least 20 to 25cm from the ground. (if you find it easy, you can jump to 25-30cm). When
Basketball skills
Item 1: at the beginning of half squat jump, half squat to? With both hands in front, jump up at least 20 to 25cm from the ground. (if you find it easy, you can jump to 25-30cm). When in the air, put your hands behind you. When landing, complete once. Next, just repeat the above stepsI am 14 years old, 152cm. How can I dunk in the future
Inhale when taking off and breathing, and exhale after landing! Come on, practice. In addition to practicing jumping, basketball should also pay attention to practice! Secondly, in addition to those big training methods, you should pay attention to more detailed exercises: 1. Explosive power. You can practice the 100 meter sprint, so that the calf muscles have a good explosive, and practice more round-trip 100 metersBasketball players please come in
There is no shortcut. Practice hard without leaving the ball. Dribble whenever you have nothing to do. Practice makes perfect
How to master the skills of playing basketball
Small basketball skills are mainly about the operation of speed and dribbling proficiency ~ organization work in the team. For example, if the point guard has strong lumbar and abdominal muscles, he can consider being a shooter: focusing on contact with forward fake movements, standing jump shots, bouncing strength training, backward jump shots and passing. It's not one-on-oneHow to play basketball
First of all, he h152cm basketball skills  basketball skillsinted in his heart that he wanted to grow taller every day. It was said that Jordan used this trick in those days. He was not tall in high school. The basketball coach thought he was short and wouldn't let him enter the school team. He hinted every day that he wanted to grow taller. Later he was the tallest member of his family. If necessary, the horizontal bar can pull upI'm 152cm tall. I'm afraid of being cut off and blocked when playing basketball. So I don't dare to dribble and shoot. How
[physical fitness] teach you to quickly increase by 5cm. Comrades under the age of 25 have the opportunity to grow by 5cm. As long as it is human, there is more or less abnormal bending of the backWhat are the big man's basketball skills
If you practice middle distance shooting well, you will have an absolute advantage. Secondly, the steps under the basket should be flexible. Watch more videos of internal attack (it is recommended that big dream Olajuwon and his apprentice Kobe Bryant) and learn a few moves. The effect is very obvious, and you can always score easilyHow to play basketball well
Ask your teammates to cooperate in time. When the dribble is blocked or encountering multiple people, you should give your teammate a look in time and ask him to come and help with the pick and roll. Quick sighted and quick handed, seize the opponent's defensive space. The situation on the basketball court is complex and changeable, so it is necessary to polish your eyes. When passing through with the ball, you should aim at the defensive space, so that you can easily pass through with the ball. But yes... Defense, walking and rebounding. Height 152cm, not strong, please reply to me soon
Your height is suitable for the front guard. Small forwards usually break through layups, but they should be proficient in dribbling skills, practice dribbling more, practice two-step layups, and try to use their highest speed when practicing! Defense should focus on others' eyes, but at the same time, it should take into account the direction of others' basketball and pay attention to others' eyes
152cm basketball skills basketball skills

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