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Basketball defensive tactics

Passerby's basketball skills not to fight

2022-06-24 11:01Basketball defensive tactics
Summary: If you are a basketball fan, what should you pay attention to when playing basketball in the wild courtBut after all, everyone is here to play, not to fight. Playing with emotion is not conducive to t
If you are a basketball fan, what should you pay attention to when playing basketball in the wild court
But after all, everyone is here to play, not to fight. Playing with emotion is not conducive to the development of this sport. So it is necessary for young people to practice shooting well. Many people play wild ball with their own fixed teams, but there are also many passers-by who form teams temporarily on the courtI can't play basketball
My second day of junior high school, 179cm, I have never played basketballWhat should I consider when I get the ball in basketball
Shooting is the first threat, breakthrough is the second threat, passing is the third threat, dribbling is the fourth tPasserby's basketball skills  not to fighthreat. Dribbling includes adjusting the passing position and having the ball covered; If there is no defender within arm's distance in front of you, you can consider directly shooting to the basket or shooting after receiving the ball. Now sum it upIf ordinary passers-by play with all their strength in the NBA, can they score in the whole court
Whether you get a score or not depends on luck. Really, it depends on luck. Because the closest case that ordinary people play NBA is that dingyanyuhang of China represented Dallas lone ranger in China last year, and the audience only got a free throw. Don't say the score, even if the hand is difficult, and he plays in garbage time, so he doesn't have a chanceWhat should we pay attention to in basketball
Another point is not to play at night, because the light is weak and the line of sight is poor, which will not only hurt ourselves, but also passers-by. Therefore, we try to play in places with good light. In addition, it is very important to choose a good pair of sneakersDo ordinary passers-by have a chance to score when playing in the American Professional Basketball League
The physical quality of professional basketball players is generally stronger than that of ordinary passers-by. Players playing in the American Professional Basketball League are excellent in height and athletic ability. For example, in terms of height, the average height of league players is about 1.98 meters, which is difficult for ordinary passers-byCan ordinary passers-by score points in a game if they play in the NBA
This problem really needs to be completed with assumptions. When everything becomes reasonable, the average person is very likely to score in the whole game! First, let's look at thPasserby's basketball skills  not to fighte problem. Ordinary people play in the NBA. Let's make the first assumption. This ordinary person is from the 185cm-190 college basketball teamBe urgent.. How do you play basketball
The shooting is so good. It's very good. You must learn to dribble when playing basketball. It is suggested to find some dribble practice videos on the Internet. With drPasserby's basketball skills  not to fightibbling to the foundation, it is important to practice breakthrough when playing with others. Learn to run, run without the ball on the basketball court, and play in the NBACentric China
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How many points can ordinary passers-by get in a game if they play in the NBA
30000 is really too difficult. It needs a stable average of 25 points per game, and then enough attendance. It is expected to be achieved in about 15 years. It can be seen that the feat of 30000 is so high that only 7 people have achieved it in nba75 in 75 years. These seven people are all super giants in history, so among the seven super giantsWhen I passed my opponent when I played basketball, I was always blocked when I found a neutral position to rush, which made me pass
The problem of teammates is the problem of teammate awareness. Sometimes I fight with people in the field (i.e. passers-by combination). If the teammate awareness can not keep up, it will bring people to block you and let the opponent form a joint defense. It is suggested to find some fixed partners, but not if they have a tacit understanding and awareness. Basketball is not a personal sport
Passerby's basketball skills not to fight

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