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Basketball defensive tactics

Basketball skill fake fax throw s very fast

2022-06-23 20:13Basketball defensive tactics
Summary: Several methods of SF fake shooting in street basketball, helpPress the front +d in the direction of the character, and RC shooting will appear at this time. According to the direction of the characte
Several methods of SF fake shooting in street basketball, help
Press the front +d in the direction of the character, and RC shooting will appear at this time. According to the direction of the character, the front +d, s (the speed is very fast, the same as your DD dunk speed) will be out of the DS at this time, and can be out within the 3-point line. It is recommended that you go to the warm-up competition to practice. SF DS does not have SS effect. RCDS is not very useful. Ordinary DS is more usefulWhat very real fake moves have you seen inBasketball skill fake fax throw  s  very fast basketball matches
On the exciting basketball court, at the tense and exciting moment, everyone stared at each other's actions. At this moment, the sweat seemed to be solidified. There was silence on the court, and we could hear each other's breathing. There will always be people who make very lifelike fake movements at such a critical moment to confuse their opponentsTrue story of street basketball fake pitch
This skill can only be bought before you buy a fake action. Its function is not only to select the object of passing the ball, but also to produce SS effect during the fake action. If there is no such effect, there will be no such effect. As for physical confrontation, you will always be prompted to learn it because you have learned physical confrontation 1
How to use SG's fake shot in street basketball
First of all, there must be a teammate (nonsense --). Secondly, press the basket direction key at any position within the 3-point line +'d 'press's' before the ball is released, which is a fake actionHow to use the skill of fake and true transmission of street basketball
You should press the D key quickly and press the s key immediately after pressing the D key, but it is useless beyond 3 points. The more you use this skill from the basket, the more effective it will be. Generally, you use it when you have an opponent's inside line clip in front of you. In this way, you can cheat the opponent's inside line out. In this way, your inside line will be empty, and you can score points, so that you can also have assistsThe skill of basketball false throw
D+s can be pulled. Press it faster. First of all, you have to buy this skill. Pay attention to the position of your teammates when passing. Or there is no threat. Recommended for use under basket
What are the fake moves before passing in basketball
There are many fake moves in basketball. Some people will bring some fake moves no matter what they do on the court, which is related to their playing habits. However, there are not many practical fake moves. The most important one is the fake moves in shooting, which are used to mislead defenders to shoot. This is the most commonly usedHow to learn to play basketball from the basics
Third, shoot. The hit rate in the three second area must be high. If you are small, you should also expand your shooting range and have the ability of 3 points. The above three points are the steps to learn basketball, just a little bit. After you have learned the above three points, you can practice some complex movements, such as the air pull rod and the windDo you have any simple skills when you first learn to play basketball
Learn to bat. This is the most basic and basic knowledge for learning basketball. To clap the ball is to learn to clap the ball with your hands and make the ball jump all the time, instead of letting the ball run away with a clap. At this time, the best way to practice is to fix yourself in a circle to shoot the ball. Don't go beyond the rangeWhat do you mean by a fake basketball shot
The fake shot pass is also a kind of fake action, that is, the player pretends to shoot but passes the ball, which makes the opponent unprepared. A good fake shot pass can pass the ball to the open player after making a realistic shooting action, which requires a good vision and ball sharing ability. Of course, the teammates should also find out the open opportunities
Basketball skill fake fax throw s very fast

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