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Basketball defensive tactics

Basketball Skills Video decomposition action lower body weight

2022-06-23 20:10Basketball defensive tactics
Summary: Basketball skill teaching? Request: basketball is excellent, breakthrough, teaching, and it is best to have videoCross step breakthrough [action method] take the right foot as the central foot as an e
Basketball skill teaching? Request: basketball is excellent, breakthrBasketball Skills Video decomposition action  lower body weightough, teaching, and it is best to have video
Cross step breakthrough [action method] take the right foot as the central foot as an example. Two feet left and right, two knees slightly bent, body weight reduced, between the ball and chest and abdomen. When making a breakthrough, quickly push the inside of the front sole of the left foot, turn the body slightly to the right, press the left shoulder forward, move the center of gravity to the right and front, and step out of the left foot to the right and frontWhere is the video of some basic skills of playing basketball
It is very helpful for training and improvement Long jump: when standing long jump, you must use all your strength and pay special attention to the contraction of muscles In the sprint jump, pay attention to the starting speed and the feeling of the center of gravity leg when taking off. When taking off, you should feel your Achilles tendon pulled to the extremeBasic essentials of basketball movement
The basic essentials of basketball action are as follows: pass the ball wBasketball Skills Video decomposition action  lower body weightith both hands in front of the chest. The essentials are as follows: naturally open both hands and five fingers, form two thumbs into a figure of eight, hold the ball with the part above the finger root, and empty the ball with your heart. The elbows are naturally bent at the side of the body, the ball is placed at the chest and abdomen, the body is standing in a basic posture, and the feet are divided into front and back. When passing, look at the passing directionIs there any teaching videBasketball Skills Video decomposition action  lower body weighto of sports basketball in the middle school entrance examination? Complete collection of sports basketball skills for high school entrance examination
There are teaching videos! Action Essentials: I am familiar with the norms, requirements and foul items of the exam. Here are the key points. The action essentials of basketball dribbling around the pole, a number of skills and precautions are also included. Take the right-hand dribble as an example: the front of the right foot and the back of the left footBasketball passing skills are practical, not street ball passing, + video, passing
Finally, we should pay attention to the fake action before the breakthrough to create a better breakthrough opportunity. [basketball technology] break through the passing skill between breakthrough and fast progress. It is not easy to get off the ball. If you get off the ball, you have to pass. This part of the technique is divided into two main points: first, after receiving the ball near the 3-point line, do not drop the ball at will and do meaningless dribbleBasic basketball movements
Basic skills of hands. It refers to the ability of the hand to sense the ball, and the ability to control and dominate the ball, which is mainly manifested in the skill proficiency and expBasketball Skills Video decomposition action  lower body weightlosive power of shaking (wrist), turning (wrist) and sticking (ball) of the fingers and wrists during passing, shooting and dribbling. Basic skills of feet. Refers to moving the center of gravity of the bodyBasketball skill teaching (video and text)
Basketball skills teaching (video and text) &\xe768; Let me answer five questions to answer \topic \who is the culprit of the "tragedy" of migrant workers? Anonymous user 2013-09-11 launches 1. In fact, the simplest and most practical crossover is to make a "misplaced emergency stop" at the moment of receiving the ball, and then make the next action according to the opponent's responseWhat are the 24 moves teaching of basketball skills
Or too far from the basket affects the quality of shooting. For those who love basketball, the most basic thing to learn how to cross is to learn how to dribble first and be proficient in dribbling. At ordinary times, you can practice fake dribbling, changing hands dribbling, fake dribbling, turning around dribbling, and then learn these skills. Come onBasic action tutorial of playing basketball
Dunk: players hold the ball with one or both hands, jump up in the air and directly dunk the ball into the basket from top to bottom. Catch up: when the shot is missed, the player jumps up in the air and makes up the ball into the basket. Detent: the attacker uses footwork to block the defender behind him
Basketball Skills Video decomposition action lower body weight

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