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Basketball defensive tactics

Handsome and easy to use basketball skills

2022-06-23 05:04Basketball defensive tactics
Summary: Do you have any tips for playing basketball that you have tried repeatedlyMany people may be different from me. They don't accumulate a circle in the process of practicing since childhood. They can
Do you have any tips for playing basketball that you have tried repeatedly
Many people may be different from me. They don't accumulate a circle in the process of practicing since childhood. They can come out regularly to play the whole game, or they can ask 12 people to go to the field and occupy a half court. Therefore, they can only form teams with strangers in the field. In fact, this situation is very common, but it is really not conducive to the improvement of basketball skills. After allHow can you play basketball well
Play according to the standard knowledge of basketball textbooks. The action is smooth, flowing and completed at one go. It's best to do more combined actions, such as breaking and turning, crotch continuous dribble, back dribble, rotation and hand change in layup time and space. If conditions permit, it's easy to play a handsome action by slamming or shooting from a long distanceHow to play basketball
Playing basketball is to show your self The action is only part of it The moment the ball enters the frame is the moment It is the sense of achievement that drives me to do so And do better
How to play basketball to be handsome
After practicing eight abdominal muscles, I can play basketball with my bare arms. The next training table: push ups 100 the tighter your hands, the better the effect. Sit ups Press the foot to lift the heel, and then slowly fall down. Don't try too hardHow to dribble to look more handsome in basketball
When dribbling, you should use controlled dribbling when you feel that it is difficult to pass the ball and it is impossible to move forward quickly, or when you are observing the situation on the field and preparing to pass or shoot. Dribble from knee to waist. Your knees are slightly bent and your body is leaning forward, which makes it easy to control the ball and change speed quicklyThe fancy sport of basketball is very handsome. How should I practice it
After hard training, the children's dribbling skills have improved to a higher level. Look, are there any models? Racket: from propeller style to handsome fancy style, racket is the basic skill of playing basketball. The way of basketball racket is to touch the ball with your fingers rather than the palm of your hand. The palm should be empty, and the fingers should bend downward according to the height of the ballHow to play basketball
I think when you shoot, you are lying on the bed. The basic posture of shooting is to Handsome and easy to use basketball skillsswing the ball up with your wrist. One group of 2 points. Ten minutes is enough! When you come out to practice shooting, you shoot from every angle! First, CIC is at three points! It is also a two minute groupBasketball skills
Basic posture of shooting skills. Before shooting, you should put yourself in a correct position. When holding the ball, the right hand is the mHandsome and easy to use basketball skillsain, and the left hand is the auxiliary (the left hand is the opposite). Hold the palm of your right hand well and separate the five fingers naturally. The armpit, the inside of the elbow, the back of the right hand and the junction of the forearm should be at or near right angles. Put your left hand slightly on the side of the basketballWhat skills do you have in playing basketball (how can you pass without breaking the rules when others stop you)
Those in the NBA are too technically demanding for our amateurs. You can use change direction breakthrough to accelerate, but first of all, your change direction speed must be very fast, and your center of gravity must be low, because you are close to the defensive players, and you must be fastWhat is the skill of shaking shoulders and passing people in basketball? How to practice well
The dribble can't pass people. You can practice the practical skills of shaking your shoulders. The key to this action is that you can make your body move laterally in an instant. You can practice in the mirror! It's best to practice this movement in front of your own shadow at night. At the beginning of practice, you will find that your neck is shaking (if shaking your neck is useful, you can take some pills before the game). This
Handsome and easy to use basketball skills

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