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Basketball defensive tactics

Basic basketball skills tutorial guard

2022-06-23 02:34Basketball defensive tactics
Summary: How to play the position of shooting guard in basketballIt is not difficult to know the meaning of shooting guard. He takes scoring as his main task. He is the second leading scorer after the small fo
How to play the position of shooting guard in basketball
It is not difficult to know the meaning of shooting guard. He takes scoring as his main task. He is the second leading scorer after the small forward on the court, but he doesn't need to practice the singles skills like the small forward, because his teammates often help him find the space to shoot. But that's whyHow to play basketball guard
Force. Point guards want the ball to flow smoothly. They want to be able to pass the ball to the place where it is easiest to score. A point guard is often the last scorer on the team. Unless his teammates don't have a good chance to shoot, he doesn't shoot easily. Even with a strong scoring abilityHow to practice basketball guarBasic basketball skills tutorial guardd
In short, he wants to make the ball flow smoothly. He wants to be able to pass the ball to the place where it is easiest to score. Furthermore, he also needs to organize the attack of his team to make the attack of his teammates more smooth. There are other requirements for a point guard. In terms of scoring, the ball player is often the last scorer on the teamShooting skills of Basketball Guard
The guard's shooting is generally an open shot or a shot after pick and roll. When the individual strength is relatively strong, he can take some necessary fake actions to confuse the opponent and let him adopt the wrong defensive method. In this way, he will have a chance to shoot, just like the retreat step mentioned by the previous netizens; And if you bounce wellWhat should a guard pay attention to and how to play in a basketball game
The general guard is the starting point of attack. It is better to pass the ball first and make fewer mistakes. In addition, the dribbling ability should be solid and can not be easily broken by others. Finally, practice the middle shot well. If you can, practice the three points well. The most important thing is to have self-confidence. Don't hesitate when it is time to throw, but don't be too confidentPractical skills of basketball (for guard)
(i.e. the side with large space) take off without high attention to the body's cover for the ball. When taking off, pay attention to the finger's pick-up basket. Don't be stiff. Then, cultivate basketball awareness. The "basketball awareness" training in basketball has always been one of the important topics in basketball training, and it is also an important issue to improve the level of basketball. This article focuses on this topicWhat are the basic basketball skills suitable for Xiaobai
Shooting skills: three-step layup. Before the layup, keep the center of gravity low. Don't dribble at the waist. Keep your body stable and your upper body straight. When running, tilt your body forward as much as possible, pat your palm down on the basketball, and don't turn your wrist. In the third step, the wrist naturally pulls out the ball, as soft as possibleHow do you play guard in basketball
There are several main passing ways in basketball: chest passing is the most commonly used way to pass the bBasic basketball skills tutorial guardall quickly and effectively from the chest. The preliminary position of holding the ball with both hands: facing the teammate to pass the ball, raise your head, bend your knees, open your fingers, hold the ball in front of your chest, slightly extend your elbows outward, and take a step forward when you extend your arms to push the ball outwardHow does the guard move when playing basketball
Generally, point guards are the smallest players in the teams, but in modern basketball, there are also many tall point guards like Magic Johnson in the NBA. After serving, the point guard usually dribbles the ball through the half court and passes it to his teammates to launch an attackHow to play basketball (guard)
As a guard, especially if you are not tall, you should practice three-point shooting well. You mainly earn points in fast break and three-point shooting. It is not practical to break through. Then it is necessary to see the whole situation, find the vacant person and pass the ball. Learn from Nash. When shooting, shoot higher, with a larger arc
Basic basketball skills tutorial guard

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