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Basketball defensive tactics

Bradley's defensive basketball skills hit rate naturally

2022-06-28 11:02Basketball defensive tactics
Summary: How does basketball practice defenseThe first key point of defense is the attitude of never quitting. Even if others score on you, they will have to sweat more and work harder. When their physical str
How does basketball practice defense
The first key point of defense is the attitude of never quitting. Even if others score on you, they will have to sweat more and work harder. When their physical strength comes down, their hit rate will naturally come down. The second thing to remind you is don't just stare at others' eyes. Most of the time, eye deception is much better than changing direction and acceleratingJadenbradley, who integrates attack and defense, do you think he will become a star of hope for the traditional point guard_ Baidu
Compress the opponent's breakthrough spaceWhat is the overall level of avery Bradley? Do you like him
So I really like such a player with strong comprehensive strength. This player has a very positive attitude towards the game because many basketball players are not active in the game, which leads to their loss. But Bradley is very active in the game, both on the offensive and defensive sidesWhat kind of instant combat power can Bradley, who wants to be reborn, bring to the Lakers
So Bradley joining the Lakers can help the Lakers' defense a lot. Bradley is a very potential player. It can be seen from the score of his high school basketball game, and he once led his team to a 33-0 record because of this recordBasketball game, defense is the key! What defensive skiBradley's defensive basketball skills  hit rate naturallylls do you have to learn
Defending different types of attackers should adopt different defensive strategies. For shooting offense. This kind of attackers mostly run, catch and shoot without the ball. The main strategy can not give him shooting space, close defense, hands in front, always within his shooting range. If necessary, he can keep close to his body and not let him taBradley's defensive basketball skills  hit rate naturallyke the passHow to defend well on the basketball court
Take off at the moment when he makes a shot. If you master it well, you can cover him. If you don't master it well, you should also master your body balance. Don't commit a foul. That will only result in an additional penalty of two small high defenders. This is an arduous task. The big one can be divided into two types. One is Bradley type. If you are Ben Wallace versus Bradley, it's easy to do and useWhat are the five steps of individual defense in basketball
① Bradley typeBradley joined the Lakers. Do you remember Bradley's highlights
As for Bradley, I didn't know much about him before. Later, because my boyfriend likes basketball, I followed him to learn about Bradley. Slowly understand Bradley's growth along the way. In the Celtics, he had only five minutes to play from the beginning, and was even relegated to the Development LeagueBradley joined the Lakers, Bradley and the Clippers Beverly who is stronger
Bradley joined the Lakers and made them stronger. Bradley is good at defense, and he is really strong in this aspect. Of course, his header is also OK. He is quick to react, quick in skill, and his comprehensive strength is relatively good. Bradley loves basketball very much, so he is a very active personBradley joined the Lakers. How about the defensive strength of the Lakers' lineup in the new season
Bradley played basketball very well in high school. He once led his team to play 33-0 record and was awarded the best high school student of the year by epsn. In addition to Bradley's own hard work, he really has great potential, and he won the NBA draft in 2010 through his own efforts
Bradley's defensive basketball skills hit rate naturally

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