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Basketball Skills Library how about his defense level

2022-06-27 12:02Basketball defensive tactics
Summary: Curry's shooting is very accurate. How about his defenseCurry's single defense is certainly weak, but as the main force of a team with the best defense in the league in the past five years, the
Curry's shooting is very accurate. How about his defense
Curry's single defense is certainly weak, but as the main force of a team with the best defense in the league in the past five years, the dBasketball Skills Library  how about his defense levelefense level can't be bad enough to make people point. Curry was always pulled out against him, not only because his defense was relatively weak, but also because Curry's attack was too strongCurry's shooting is called juggling goal. How good is his skill
For players like curry, in fact, because his parents are also engaged in sports, curry has received such edification since childhood. Therefore, curry may be more calm when playing basketball, because curry has a very good foundationWhat are the characteristics of curry when he plays in the world basketball league
But because Curry's own personal technical ability is very good, and the three-point ball is also very accurate, this is the reason why curry has become a superstar in the whole basketball industry. To some extent, Curie's playing style has even affected the development trend of the whole basketball game. Curie moves very fast. This should be the primary characteristic of curryHow good is curry, who is said to be suitable for players of various systems
IBasketball Skills Library  how about his defense level remember when Curry's wife first went to the stadium to watch him play at the age of 19, she knew how good he was. But Curry's wife also cared about how many three-point shots curry could throw, how many people curry could pass, how many good passes curry had, how many cuts curryBasketball Skills Library  how about his defense level had, and how many records he had won in the NBAWarriors overcome the Grizzlies with 46 points to lock the scoring king. What advantages does Curie have in playing basketball
Locked in the scoring king of this season, many fans and netizens are also discussing what advantages Curie has in playing basketball? In fact, in my opinion, on the one hand, he has a very flexible footwork advantage, on the other hand, the player's three-point ability is his unique advantageHow does curry play
Curry's shooting method is more suitable for 3-point shooting or super long-distance shooting, because it is relatively labor-saving. If Ray Allen's shooting method is used for super long-distance shooting, it is also possible for professional players, but it will consume a lot of energy and be greatly disturbed, so it is basically difficult to play Super long-distance 3 points. SoHow to shoot basketball more accurately
The shooting percentage is actually related to many factors 1 The hand shape of shooting, two 90 degrees is the basic condition of shooting, which can let you quickly and naturally play the ball. 2. the power of shooting. Many people think that shooting depends on the power of their hands. In fact, this is not the case. The author thinks that it is from the toe to drive the waist (key position), and thenCurry is also very good at playing. What is the rank of his skills in the NBA
Therefore, the top scorer in NBA history, led the League into the small ball era, and brought the team to win three championships. Curry is enough to become the second point guard in history. The first point guard in history must be a magician. There is no doubt that the magician's body is more than enough to play forward. The magician led the team to win five championshipsThe skill of playing basketball
Secondly, learn all kinds of technical movements of dribbling and passing. "Dribble passing" such as fake dribble, cross dribble, change hands dribble, stop dribble, turn dribble, etc. Most people are already dribbling, but their dribbling skills are not good, so they can't cross. Among all kinds of actions, it is easiest to stop and walk againCurryBasketball Skills Library  how about his defense level plays a difficult shot. What are the skills of shooting
The greatest shooter in the league today is probably curry. One hand abnormal accurate three points, but also opened up the era of small ball irrational shot! Today, let's explore Curry's shooting skills. How to practice Curry's shooting posture? The most basic is strength training
Basketball Skills Library how about his defense level

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