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Basic basketball tactics

Common basketball dribbling skills a new modern basketball technology

2022-06-24 04:19Basic basketball tactics
Summary: Seeking the dribble technique of basketballWhen turning the dribble, the center of gravity should be lowered, and the pulling action and turning action should be consistent. 7. press arm dribble press
Seeking the dribble technique of basketball
When turning the dribble, the center of gravity should be lowered, and the pulling action and turning action should be consistent. 7Common basketball dribbling skills  a new modern basketball technology. press arm dribble press arm dribble is a new modern basketball technology, which is often used when opponents defend and protect the ball. [action points]: open the two feet back and forth, bend the two legs, take the shoulder joint as the axis of the right arm, and exert force on the upper armAction structure of basketball dribbling technique
In the basketball technology, dribbling is the basic technologyCommon basketball dribbling skills  a new modern basketball technology that must be mastered, and it is also the most important offensive means in the basketball game. Basketball dribbling is not only a way for individuals to get rid of defense and attack, but also a means of organization and cooperation. Here are eight basketball dribbling skills to help youWhat are the dribbles in basketball
To increase the rebound force of the ball and increase the time for the hand to control the ball, so as to facilitate the completion of the dribble action. When the dribble turns, bring the upper arm close to the torso to reduce the radius of the ball. At the same time, the lifting of the dribble arm is closely combined with the kicking, stepping and turning of the footWhat are the ways of basketball dribbling
The common basketball dribble methods are: when dribbling with high dribble, the legs are slightly bent, the upper body is slightly tilted forward, and the eyes are level. With the elbow joint as the axis, the forearCommon basketball dribbling skills  a new modern basketball technologym is naturally bent and extended, the wrist and fingers gently and forcefully press the upper back of the racket ball, touch the ball with the finger root and finger pulp, and the index finger is forwardWhat are the common dribbling skills in basketball matches
Crotch dribble breakthrough action, crotch dribble breakthrough. When the defender blocks face-to-face and sticks very close, the dribble uses the sliding jump step to change the direction of the opponent's crotch dribble breakthrough. If the right hip dribble changes direction, the left foot should be in front, and the right hand should press the upper right side of the racket ball to make the ball pass between the two legs, and the right foot should step forward to the leftWhat are the basketball dribbling skills
Will be your secret weapon on the basketball court. Finally, it should be noted that many basketball fans' playing skills are slow, or even out of touch, because they lack the sense of the ball. Repeated practice of the above three actions can improve your dribbling skills and sense of the ball. So you can easily make many actions and reduce mistakes. So if you want to be a good basketball playerEssentials of basketball dribbling technique
When dribbling, keep your feet open naturally before and after, slightly bend your knees, tilt your upper body forward slightly, lift your head and look straight at your eyes. The non dribbling arm is bent and lifted flat to protect the ball. The range of footwork and the flexion of lower limb joints vary with the speed and height of dribbling. When dribbling, five fingers openWhat are the skills of basketball dribbling
Dribbling is mainly the feeling of your hands and the ball! You must clap the ball more, so that you can keep the ball and have a perfect feel, so that you can dribble as you like! Second, when dribbling, you don't use your palm, you use your fingertips! In addition, the dribble is to pay attention to the distance between the legs, keep your eyes on the front, and don't look at the ball! Just touch the ballWhat are the common ways of basketball dribbling
Emergency stop and quick start dribble is a way to get rid of defense by using the sudden change of dribble speed. It is often used when the opponent's defense is tight. Stop suddenly in the fast dribble, forcing the defender to slow down passively and stop. When the center of gravity is unstable, suddenly accelerate the dribble to get rid of the defense. When the dribble stops suddenly, useWhat is the basic skill training of basketball dribbling
Crotch around the ball: the two feet are separated before and after, and the body leans forward, which is similar to a lunge. The hands change the ball under the crotch. When the ball returns between the two legs, put the bCommon basketball dribbling skills  a new modern basketball technologyall on the ground, pick up the ball and continue to circle the ball. After closing the eyes, you can circle the ball, and then end the practice. Eight commonly used basketball dribbling skills
Common basketball dribbling skills a new modern basketball technology

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