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Basic basketball tactics

3v3 girls' basketball skills skills and tactics of 3v3 basketball ~

2022-06-23 20:09Basic basketball tactics
Summary: Consult Skills and tactics of 3v3 basketball1. You should have physical strength. Basketball is not a game. When the game is tense, intense confrontation consumes physical strength. 2. Your attack. I
Consult Skills and tactics of 3v3 basketball
1. You should have physical str3v3 girls' basketball skills  skills and tactics of 3v3 basketball ~ength. Basketball is not a game. When the game is tense, intense confrontation consumes physical strength. 2. Your attack. I suggest that you play Princeton with fast block movement, that is, rely on one person to block, and the remaining two people keep moving, passing and running, so as to improve the rhythm and strengthen the attack, because in 3v3, there are often3v3 skill Essentials
Give and go first, O2 should make a V-CUT to catch the ball (here it means to press inward and then withdraw to catch the ball). O1 can first make a fake move of running to the left and then quickly cut in from the right side of the defender to catch the ball and lay up. The pick and roll retaining and removing inner cut is shown in the figure3vs3 basketball game skills
The classic tactic that will never change in 3v3 basketball is to pick up and remove the offensive players without the ball. Suppose that a, B and C three a control the ball (less shots because it is easy to be broken). When a takes the ball, B immediately runs to block the defensive C players with his body. When blocking, he usually faces the defensive C players and backs to the basket. At this time, he leads the defensive B playersWhat are the playing methods and tactics of basketball half court 3v3? Defensive methods
The playing methods and tactics of basketball half court 3v3 mainly include passing and cutting, inside cutting of pick and roll, back screen and rolling and cutting of lower screen. The red circle in each play description indicates the offensive side, the blue triangle indicates the defensive side, and the number 3 in the symbol indicates the player number. (1) Transmission and cuttingWhat is the more practical defensive method for girls to play basketball 3v3
Try to lower your center of gravity in defense and pay attention to observation. Basketball IQ on the basketball court is also very important. It's a little tricky to take advantage of men's physical advantages, strength and height. Try to use defense instead of attackWhat are the more suitable tactics for girls in the three player basketball game? What are the pitching skills? (3 points and penalty)
You should learn to let the referee "sympathize". You should learn to perform and estimate the number of free throws. As for the skill of "38" shooting, you should have heard of it. There are no skills and shortcuts. Practice more and shoot more. It's easier to find a big man to shoot when he gets the ball under the basket. It's estimated that his grasp can be greater. After all, the present basketball body determines everythingHow to cooperate with basketball 3v3
The basic cooperation of basketball 3v3 is a good match. A center can stand dead under the basket because there is no so-called 3-second zone. In this way, it can cover the whole basket. The farther away from the basket, the lower the hit rate. Then, it can match two forwards, stand near the free throw line to defend and break through, and the three-point long-range shot can be directly inserted into the eye to defendThree on three skills in real life basketball
It mainly includes tacit understanding, reducing mistakes and second attack. Three people had better keep the triangle all the time, run more, don't use personal show to deal with the game, talk about the team, pass more, try to play less personal show, defense should be marked by people, but you can't stare at one person, you should complement each otherWhat are the common tactics in the 3v3 basketball game
Three on three has now become a formal Olympic game event. More and more basketball fans also feel that there is no tactical cooperation in playing a formal game. They can't cope with some high-level teams just by playing singles alone. Here, "dunk" will introduce some simple tactical cooperation to the majority of basketball fansThere are some skills about female SG in street basketball ~ ~
SG must be equipped with the following skills: face up (W), passing (SS), catching the ball (s), false throwing and true passing 2 (DQ, de), quick defense, and if there is a skill slot, it also needs to be equipped with: backward dribble, James' backward dribble, backward 2 points, backward 3 points, and running pass (QE) Free style requires the following skills: Lightning steal
3v3 girls' basketball skills skills and tactics of 3v3 basketball ~

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