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Basic basketball tactics

Fancy basketball skills offensive and defensive skills I: moving

2022-06-23 10:04Basic basketball tactics
Summary: How to practice street basketball skillsI wrote it myself. Thank you. I wish you well! Basketball dribbling technique is very important in basketball training or competitionGirls' basketball skills
How to practice street basketball skills
I wrote it myself. Thank you. I wish you well! Basketball dribbling technique is very important in basketball training or competitionGFancy basketball skills  offensive and defensive skills I: movingirls' basketball skills
Offensive and defensive technology I: Mobile___ To learn to play basketball, you must first learn to move your feet on the basketball court. How can I run fast and stop steadily on the court? It is necessary to learn a basic standing posture that can be started at any time without feeling very tired. Basic standing posture___ When standing, open your feet naturallyBasketball shooting skills and methods of training
Shooting posture is the key. First, the correct lifting posture is to lift the ball from the abdomen to the head in a straight line, rather than from the abdomen to the head in a parabola. Second, gestures. Feet slightly apart, right toe and right hand (shooter) and wrist in a straight line. Third, move, press your elbow and wristHow to learn basketball quickly
The fancy dribbling skills like Wu you are all based on the skillful operation of basic skills. It is worth mentioning that when dribbling, remember not to bow your head, and always pay attention to the position of your teammates on the field, so as to pass the ball to other teammates in time. The ultimate goal of how to shoot a basketball game is to throw the ball into the basketAre there any fancy street ball moves in the NBA? Why
In addition, the NBA is a competition oriented League after all. Fans come to the NBA to watch the fierce confrontation between players and the racking brains of coaches, rather than the fancy street ball moves. As mentioned above, the colorful street ball movement is not worth the loss for professional basketball playersIverson's move is simple and practical. Why is Owen's move so fancy
In the world of martial arts, the only way is to be fast. Iverson's speed is so fast that you can't defend. Owen's speed is relatively fast among defenders, but this speed can not achieve the goal of successful breakthrough. This situation forces Owen to take more fancy actions to achieve his goalBasketball skills
Don't look at those colorful breakthroughs in the collection and feel like you want to do the same. First, you can't do it. Second, you can't do it. Break through or play with your feet. Practice the cross step, jump step and turn around. Then get familiar with all kinds of dribbling techniques and make appropriate use of rhythm and fake movementsHow to quickly learn the skills of basketball defense
 Do not easily change the center of gravity. A basketball attacker usually deceives the defender by stepping and dribbling. If he looks at the opponent's steps and ball, he is easy to be cheated. The defender can determine the opponent's center of gravity position according to the attacker's waist movement, so as to avoid being flashy dribblingKobe Bryant never uses fancy moves to dribble, but why can he easily surpass others
When it comes to basketball skills, I have to say that Kobe Bryant. People familiar with Kobe Bryant know that Kobe rarely uses fancy actions to pass people in the game. He usually takes simple and intuitive actions to pass people and score. What is the reason? Kobe Bryant was born into a basketball familyWhat skills can be found in basketball training
In addition, shooting practice is also very important. The ultimate goal of basketball is shooting. Shooting practice requires not only the control of physical strength, but also certain skills and accuracy. But even if you have skills, you should not pursue fancy shooting methods. Basic shooting practice is the most important
Fancy basketball skills offensive and defensive skills I: moving

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