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Basic basketball tactics

Basketball guard passing skills NBA

2022-06-27 10:02Basic basketball tactics
Summary: How to play a good basketball guard///Low hand pass low hand pass is a kind of short-range pass, which is usually used to pass the ball to the teammates close to you: hold the lower half of the ball w
How to play a good basketball guard///
Low hand pass low hand pass is a kind of short-range pass, which is usually used to pass the ball to the teammates close to you: hold the lower half of the ball with your fingers, take a step towards the passing direction when you stretch out the ball, fix your wrist when you follow the ball, and also pass the ball to the waist of the receiving teammate. Head pass we often see in basketball gamesWhat essentials should a basketball guard master
Point guard basketball basic skills two basic skills: the separation of ball control technology and basic skills is just to emphasize the importance of ball control technology and passing technology. A good point guard must have good basic skills. In addition to the above ball control techniques, three-point shooting, shooting and breakthrough are all skills that must be masteredPractical skills of basketball (for guard)
(i.e. the side with large space) take off without high attention to the body's cover for the ball. When taking off, pay attention to the finger's pick-up basket. Don't be stiff. Then, cultivate basketball awareness. The "basketball awareness" training in basketball has always been one of the important topics in basketball training, and it is also an important issue to improve the level of basketball. This article focuses on this topicPassing skillsBasketball guard passing skills NBA in basketball
Master the correct passing posture. Put your hands in front of your chest, naturally separate your five fingers, hold the ball outward with your palms, bend your wrists back, and naturally separate your legs, the same width as your shoulders, or form a lunge from front to back. The center of gravity should be stable and the eyes should look straight ahead (it is best to learn to observe six directions with eyes). Only by practicing this good posture can you pass the ball wellMovement skills of point guard
How to be a qualified point guard. First of all, his dribbling ability is absolutely indispensable. He must be able to take the ball aBasketball guard passing skills NBAcross the half court without any problem when only one person defends him. Then, he has to have good passing ability to pass the ball most of the timeWhat are the practical passing skills of full court basketball guards
The latter has a good sense of rhythm. Back to the original intention of basketball, it is simpler and more practical to pass people without a ball. The most basic skill is to pick and remove. After blocking, you can take apart and pass the ball. In the whole game, you can pick and roll with your teammates, which not only saves physical strength, but also is simple and effective. Practice with your teammatBasketball guard passing skills NBAes and you will find it much easier than one-on-oneBasic skills training of basketball guards. High score added
Run back and forth with the ball every day, starting slowly and gradually accelerating. Do it when you are free. Draw a circle and circle it with the ball. Practice the round-trip fast running without the ball at a distance of about 4 meters, which is the practice of sudden stop and direction change when breaking through. Do not bend your knees, half bend your waist to practice dribbling on the left and right sides. Your knees are at a 65 degree angle and your waist is straightSome basketball skill or technique of a guard
A defender should have an overall view, be clear about the position of each teammate, and pass the ball in time when there is an empty position. He should not care too much about personal scoring, and cover for his teammates
How to play basketball point guard
How to play point guard: the first point to play a good point guard is to control the ball to ensure that the ball is not lost when advancing and keep the ball. The second point is to have a wide view to see the position of each player at a glance, and to accurately pass the ball to the teammates who have the opportunity Basketball guard passing skills NBAto score. Execute various tacticsWhat skills should a basketball guard have
Shoot accurately, control the ball steadily, break through and pass the ball. You are a scoring type of position control, so the ball is often in your hand, so you should grasp your scoring and organizational tasks, score when you score, and organize when you organize. There is no need to have the ball in hand to play. We should know how to adapt to the game that is not the main character, because
Basketball guard passing skills NBA

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