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Basic basketball tactics

Basketball skill teaching backward due to him

2022-06-26 13:03Basic basketball tactics
Summary: How to turn back the basketballThe backward take-off actually has a backward jump. It's not really a vertical take-off and then backward. Just look at the video. But some of Joe's balls do take
How to turn back the basketball
The backward take-off actually has a backward jump. It's not really a vertical take-off and then backward. Just look at the video. But some of Joe's balls do take off vertically, thanks to his amazing coordination. At the same time, pay attention to the stability of the backward jump, and take off after leaning back a little. If you try hard to avoid the other side and then jump up, moveHow to play basketball backward
The requirements for the jumping of the players are not high for the backward jump shot (it is OK to jump 40 or 50 cm). The key lies in the action. Here's a practical explanation: the ball holder dribbles the ball with his right hand and makes a breakthrough from Basketball skill teaching backward  due to himthe right (of course, it's better to make a fake first). The defender must follow you on your leftHow to practice NBA backward jump shot
First of all, it is necessary to have a good waist strength and the ability to stay in the air to practice the backward jump shot well, which is one of the very important factors. This can reduce or mitigate the damage to oneself caused by this action. The backward jump shoBasketball skill teaching backward  due to himt also needs to have excellent sensory ability when using the technical action of backward jump shotHow to practice backward leaning in basketball
I suggest you do a good job in the standard shooting action and then think about the backward shooting. The backward shooting is done when someoneBasketball skill teaching backward  due to him lets go. If you want to look good, it's not necessary. Why do you do such a difficult shooting when no one lets go? Why don't you just throw it straight? Is that the reason? Want to learn to shoot backwardHow do you practice your backward jump shot in basketball
There are many kinds of jump shot points. The simplest one is the base jump shot, which also gives rise to the emergency stop jump shot, the backward jump shot and the Throwing Shot. The basic essentials of base jump shot are as follows: first, bend the calf and concentrate on the calf. Then raise your arms, two arms form a "V" shape, and lift the basketball over your headWhat are the skills of playing basketball
‍&# 8205;&# 8205; Basketball is one of the confrontational sports with shooting, layup and dunk as the center. Two teams participate, and each team has five players. The purpose is to put the ball into the other team's basket and score points, and prevent the other party from obtaining the ball right and score points. Now, let's introduce some basic skills of playing basketballStreet basketball hand tour backward shooting skills detailed explanation of how to play backward shooting

How to practice leaning back
~!~! How to improve the shooting percentage basketball is a sport with strong technical comprehensiveness. The number of shooting scores determines the outcome of the game. So, how to create more scoring opportunities and improve the shooting percentage? Here are some methods in teaching and training: strengthen the practice of standardized shootingBasketball backward jump shot practice skills
I haven't updated the article on basketball skills teaching for a long timBasketball skill teaching backward  due to hime. First, I don't have time to play, and I haven't found any skills worth learning. Second, I put most of my energy on the NBA after the NBA game beganHow to practice the backward shooting in basketball
This is still difficult to practice, because if a person wants to practice backward shooting, he first needs to have strong physical quality. For those little friends who like watching NBA, we can often see the star's backward shooting action on the court, which looks particularly easy on the star
Basketball skill teaching backward due to him

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